May is Blind Awareness Month at
Blindness Support Services

Blind Awareness Month (BAM), was started to highlight all that a Blind/Visually Impaired person is capable of accomplishing. The tools and skills developed to train those persons who come through the doors of Blindness Support Services are demonstrated to the public. Public knowledge helps the average person understand how this amazing population can thrive in our complex society. Take the time to come, learn and enjoy life from a different perspective.

BAM Activities

Assistive Technology Showcase

Friday, May 10 from 8:00AM- 12:00 Noon at Blindness Support Services

We will have two presentations, Vispero will be presenting low-vision focused technologies and Sweetman Systems will be presenting technologies focused on those closer to fully blind. This will be a great opportunity to learn more on modern Assistive Technologies and have hands on time with the products.

The Vispero Logo the word Vispero with an eye in the loop of the letter pFrom 8:00AM- 9:30AM, Vispero will be presenting Freedom Scientific, Enhanced Vision and Optelec low-vision products.

the Sweetman Systems Logo two overlapping S's next to the words Sweetman SystemsFrom 10:00AM- 12:00 Noon, Sweetman Systems will be presenting Freedom Scientific, Humanware, Hims and other Technologies.

RSVP at our front desk by Thursday May 9th

Download the BAM Technology Flyer

a french toast breakfast

Blind Awareness Breakfast

Saturday May 18 from 9-12 noon at Blindness Support Services

Join us for a dining experience filled with laughter, excitement and surprises! Purchase your Breakfast at our office for only $5.00! French toast, bacon or turkey sausage, scrambled eggs and fruit! Coffee, juice and water.
Space is limited! So, RSVP and purchase at our front desk by 5/6/19

Download the BAM Breakfast Flyer

50/50 Opportunity Drawing

Winner takes home ½ the pot of money!
1 ticket: $1 OR 6 tickets: $5
13 tickets: $10
Winner does not need to be present

If you would like to be involved or for more information about Blind Awareness Month Activities, you can contact us at: (951) 341-9244.