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Salvador Novella is learning Braille

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In our efforts to promote the independence and self-reliance of individuals who are blind and visually impaired, Blindness Support Services would like your support. Blindness Support Services is a non-profit agency that provides services for the blind in Riverside and San Bernardino counties in Southern California.

Salvador Novella graduated our program and is now employed. Below are some words that Salvador Novella would like to share with you.

"I am a graduate of Blindness Support Services and I want to thank all the wonderful staff and especially all my instructors. I started school about two years ago with a disability of blindness at the age of sixty. I had to relearn a new way of life and it sounded impossible for this old man. But I was determined and two years later I have learned more skills in mobility, independent living, 3 books of braille training. I am especially thankful for my Assistive Technology training with the Jaws Screen Reader, iPhone 6, iPad, and the Victor-Reader. These are all devices that a person with low vision or blindness would need. Now I am ready to move on with my life. We are people who want equality. So other persons with vision loss, you also can do the same. Set your goals higher in your life. Again I want to give all the BSS staff and my wonderful counselors at the DOR, Thanks. I will always be grateful for their support and their dedication."Sincerely, Sal Novella These are the things that we do at Blindness Support Services. To continue providing these services, we need your support. Please make a donation to help promote the independence and self reliance of people who are Blind.

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